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Author: John M. Sperrazza, BS
Board Secretary, Making An Impact

With more than 90% of the U.S. population having access to health insurance in 2019, most of us enjoy the security and advantages of somewhat affordable quality health care when we want or need it. But that also means that nearly 10% of our family, friends, and community members have no health insurance at all and live each day having to choose between their healthcare needs and other basic requirements like food, lodging, and other necessities. In Florida specifically, more than 13% of the population was uninsured in 2019, almost 30% higher than the national average, translating to nearly 4 million Floridians who have no coverage to help them stay healthy or deal with a healthcare catastrophe.

We know how complex the health care system can be for those of us who do have health insurance. But for those without any health care coverage, those challenges are significantly magnified. Finding providers who will accept the uninsured and offer affordable and quality care with dignity and respect can be very difficult. And for those who are dealing with serious physical or mental health issues or have other economic, physical, behavioral, and other forms of risk and insecurity that often plague the less fortunate among us, finding and accessing quality care and other critical community resources can be even more challenging and also that much more critical.

This is what drives us at Making An Impact. Our mission is to reduce disparities and address unmet needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our community. A key deliverable in this goal is our Community Resource Guide, which provides a broad spectrum of services and providers to help those in need in the Manatee and Sarasota counties access free or low-cost health and well-being services. If you want to help us, please reach out, donate, and get involved. Together we can make a difference!