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Better information allows community members to use a finite number of local resources more efficiently and match those resources with their needs more effectively. Using our informative resource Guide, we help connect people who need services with the agencies providing help.

Our Community Connections Resource Guide contains one of the most comprehensive listings of essential need agencies serving Sarasota and Manatee counties.


Florida has more hurricanes than any other state. With climate change increasing the number and severity, followed by unprecedented destruction, we see the need for this new Guide both now and in the future.

The new MAI Disaster Recovery Resource Guide provides information in 29 categories with over 100 listings of organizations and agencies offering services or programs most often requested following a major disaster. Access to the disaster guide is available 24/7 on this website.


We offer new and innovative programs and services to help residents identify, access, and effectively utilize local resources to meet their essential needs.

See what can be accomplished when a passionate and empowered team focuses on improving their community’s health.

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